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How to Get the Best Tenant in My Rental Property | St. Paul Tenant Screening Advice

Four andhalf.com - Tuesday, October 11, 2016


So how do you get the best tenants for your St. Paul rental property? That’s a really good question and it has a really simple answer: you screen them.

Poor Screening Leads to Poor Tenants

Many times, owners will come to us after the fact. They are having problems because they have already placed a tenant who was never screened properly. It doesn’t take long for that tenant to become difficult or to stop paying rent. In some cases, property owners have had to deal with major property damage from tenants they didn’t screen. No one wants this to happen, and that’s why screening an applicant is so vital and important. It builds a foundation for what you expect from the people you place in your property.

Things to Consider When Screening

Screen for things like rental history and income verification. It’s important to collect landlord references, and then contact those current and former landlords to find out what kind of tenant this person has been in the past. Ask for pay stubs or other documentation to prove that the tenant earns enough to pay rent on time every month. Do a complete credit check to see if the tenants have been responsible with money, and if they pay their bills on time. You also want to do a criminal background check so you aren’t putting anyone dangerous into your property. All of these things can be done by a professional property manager, and good management companies will dig a little deeper to make sure only the best tenants are approved to live in your home.

Publish Rental Criteria

When you’re looking for a property management company, make sure they screen their applicants well. You’ll want to

see what kind of criteria they use to approve or decline applicants, and it’s a good idea to have that information posted on their website so potential tenants will know what kind of requirements are necessary when applying for a home.

If you have any questions about tenant screening, please contact us at Real-Time Leasing.

How to Evict a Tenant the Right Way – St. Paul Property Management Education

Four andhalf.com - Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Evicting a tenant is not always easy, and most landlords don’t even like to think about it. It can be an exhausting process, and it’s also a bit emotional for many property owners. Evictions take a lot of time and they cost you money. Your time and resources are valuable, so when you hire a professional property management company, make sure they can help you with this if it becomes necessary.

Tenant Screening

There are a number of reasons to evict a tenant, and most landlords will do so because of nonpayment of rent. You can also evict your tenants when they aren’t following the terms of the lease. Putting an excellent tenant in place is a good way to avoid eviction, but that’s often easier said than done. Just make sure you have screened all of your applicants thoroughly so you have a good chance of getting a renter who will pay on time and fulfill the requirements of the lease.

Following Local Eviction Procedures

Counties and cities all have difference fees and processes for eviction. You’ll have to be careful about following the proper court procedures when you serve notices and file paperwork. You want to make sure you do everything correctly, otherwise the eviction will take longer and probably be more expensive.

Getting Professional Help

As professional property managers in St. Paul, we can help facilitate a successful eviction that does not cause any additional stress or expenses for you. If it gets to the point that you need to remove your current tenants, we can help. Sometimes, you will need an attorney to represent you in court as well. Professionals can help make the entire process a smooth one. You want to make sure you understand the fees and the steps that are required, and you want to discuss what you are responsible for, and what the tenant will be held responsible for.

If you have any eviction questions, please contact us at Real-Time Leasing. We’d be happy to tell you more about how to manage the process.

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