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Your Property Manager is always available to answer questions about your lease terms. To clarify whether smoking is allowed on the property, who is responsible for changing the furnace filter, which utilities you are responsible for, etc., you can check this webpage or your lease document. Your full lease is available anytime through your online tenant portal. Simply login to your account and look under the “Documents” tab.

In the event that you might need to break your lease due to unforeseen circumstances, we understand. We want to assist you in any way possible. However, it is important to remember that the property owner is counting on your rent payment. Owners have their own financial obligations, and rent payments normally help alleviate the strain of those obligations. The best approach to breaking your lease is to contact our office as soon as you know you will need to vacate early. The sooner you let us know, the more likely it is that we can work out a situation favorable for both parties.

Paying Rent/Payment Options+

  • Rent is due on the 1st of each month, and no later than the 5th.
  • A late fee is charged on the 6th day of the month if rent is not received in our office by the 5th. Late fees are equal to 8% of your total rent amount.
  • Rent can be paid by cashier’s check, money order, and automatic withdrawal from your savings or checking account, or via credit card/E-check (merchant fees will apply).
  • Please note: We do not accept cash or personal checks as form of payment.

Highlights of Lease Agreement*+

  • Tenant is responsible for changing and purchasing furnace filter, light bulbs, and fire alarm/CO detector batteries.
  • Real-Time Leasing may perform a periodic walkthrough of the property at the owner’s request. Tenant will be given reasonable notice prior to someone entering the property.
  • Tenants and their guests are expected to abide by all laws, city ordinances, as well as any HOA rules and regulations at all times. Violations may result in a documented lease violation, fine, or eviction.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building, unit, or on the grounds where the rental property is located.
  • Crime-free violations are not tolerated and will result in immediate eviction.
  • Tenants are expected to remain amicable with other tenants and neighbors. Any disputes are to be resolved amongst the parties involved. Real-Time Leasing will not mediate or otherwise get involved in any dispute between tenants and/or neighbors. If a tenant feels unsafe or in any way at risk, they are to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and report the situation.
  • Tenants cannot perform any maintenance or repairs on the property. Instead, tenants should submit a service request through their online account.
  • Tenants are not permitted to paint any walls, ceilings, or otherwise alter the appearance of the property. Tenant may, however, make specific requests to alter property’s appearance to their Property Manager.
    • Real-Time Leasing will seek approval from the owner based on tenant’s request.
    • Real-Time Leasing will perform the work for any approved request.
    • Work will be completed at the expense of the tenant, and payment is required in full before work is started.
    • Owner may require tenant to also pay to have property put back to original condition (painting walls back to original color).

*Not intended to replace or override an actual lease document. Actual lease may or may not include exact verbiage and/or items listed on this site. Items listed on this site are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Breaking Lease Policy+

If a tenant wishes to break their lease early, there are two options:

  1. Tenant may pay the remainder of the lease term up front and vacate.
  2. Tenant may request that Real-Time Leasing find a new leaseholder on their behalf.

If a tenant chooses option two:

  • Subletting is not allowed.
  • Tenant contacts the Property Manager to request that a new leaseholder is found.
  • Tenant pays $99.00/month in advertising costs. (Amount is paid up front each month and is charged as long as the property is advertised.)
  • Tenant pays a breaking lease fee equal to one month’s rent and must be paid IMMEDIATELY. Please note: A tenant’s security deposit may not be used to pay this fee.
  • Fee is due immediately or transaction will be null and void and tenant will be responsible for full lease term.
  • Breaking lease fee covers:
    • Performing all showings
    • Finding new prospective tenants
    • Processing new tenant applications
    • Facilitating new lease signing/move-in
  • Tenant must vacate 72 hours prior to the new tenant moving in to ensure the property is move-in ready.
  • Tenant is responsible for all rent until the date the new tenant moves in.
  • All other move-out requirements will apply. (See Move-In/Move-Out Resources section for more details.)

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