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The Eviction Moratorium…Round 6, 7?

Deb Newell - Thursday, December 17, 2020


If you have been listening to the latest, you will note that once again, the Governor has extended the eviction moratorium by extending the Peacetime Emergency Executive Order 20-01 for an additional month. Technically he was early in doing this as the prior peacetime emergency is in effect until Friday, the 18th, but not surprising, he jumped in early. The new moratorium is in effect until January 13th, 2021. Yes, it will most likely be extended past that date. Governor Walz will probably continue to extend until Minnesota COVID numbers come down substantially, which may be months until enough people are vaccinated.

So, can evictions be filed at all? The short answer is ‘yes,’ but the longer, more complicated answer is that evictions can be filed against those who seriously endanger others and severe property damage. These types of evictions have been successful when cases are brought to court. This seems to be the case for those who are becoming more stir-crazy staying at home, where emotions are more heightened, and stressors are more apparent. As a company, Real-Time Leasing tries to work with our tenants during these times, recognizing that this has been a challenging year for everyone.

Here are some tips to consider when navigating the moratorium and what we at Real-Time Leasing is practicing:

  • Communicate Constantly with Your Tenants. – Especially now, it is important to check in on those who rent from you and that working with them during these unprecedented times is far better than having a vacancy and a non-paying tenant. If they are facing hardships because of the pandemic, try and work together on a solution so that they end the result is a win-win for everyone.
  • Share Rental Assistance Options – We are fortunate that many local organizations to tenants in St. Paul and Minneapolis surrounding areas have pooled resources and money to assist those who are in need.
  • Screen Carefully – We are always meticulous when vetting prospective tenants and follow our strict policies and guidelines; however, we also recognize that we do not want to bring on during this time while the eviction moratorium is in place a problematic tenant. So, we don’t cut corners.

At Real-Time Leasing, we are your property management partner, with extensive knowledge of local and national housing guidelines. We are here to navigate the intricacies of the tenant-landlord responsibilities and keep up to date on recent legislation and how it affects you and your properties.

Real-Time Leasing has been serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas for 20 years, and whether you are facing issues surrounding the pandemic or simply desire an experienced property manager, you can trust and depend on our team.  

Stay Safe.

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