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Pet Screening is a simple and secure tool allowing you to store all the important information about your pet in one place.

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Real-Time Leasing permits pets in several of our properties. We do also recognize that pets have the potential to cause property damage and increased liability to the landlord.

If you have been approved for a pet, we do have several policies that must be followed.

Pet Policy Information

These terms are largely based on the comfort level of the property owner and the restrictions they decide for a pet to be considered. This includes type, breed, weight, etc.

The pet application fee is $20 for the first pet and $15 for every additional pet. Each pet application must be processed separately but the discount will be automatically applied to additional pet applications.

There is no charge ($0) for submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal. It will be reviewed by our legal review team per the FHAct guidelines. Please be aware of your state’s statutes or local ordinances, if any, for criminal offenses and/or penalties for committing assistance animal fraud.

It is the sole obligation of the applicant to get their pet approved prior to submitting the rental application. Please be prepared to submit a photo along with your request for approval. Non-qualifying pets may result in denial of the rental application.

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